M.H.E.C is a water soluble substance. For industrial usages, its different forms are: water retention agent, stabilizer, adhesives and film forming agent. It is also playing useful roles in kinds of building materials. M.H.E.C is non surface treated grade, used for various mortars especially under dry mix system. It offers premium level of water retention and strong adhesion. According to experts, this compound also improves the performance of cement and gypsum based materials. M.H.E.C ensures fast hydration for reliable performance. To avoid the lump formation, it is suggested to use it in dry form before the water is added, as it dissolve rapidly.

Together we grow is the philosophy of our trading division. Looking at the huge market demand for MHEC across India, Our team imports MHEC from countries like USA, Europe, South Korea and China. MHEC is available in different grades like 40000/60000 /100000 viscosity and will be supplied as per customer required specifications.

Product MHEC
Pack Size 25 Kg Bag
Pack Type Paper/HDPE Bag
Physical State Powder
Usage Industrial
Viscosity 40K/60K/1lac
Sourcing USA/Europe/Korea/China

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

It depends on lifetime / Life of tile

24hrs for usage & 72hrs for testing.

Running colors are 5, On card 25 shades and on any color can be made provided the requirement in bulk quantity.