Epoxy resins are used for a variety of industrial applications offering superior physical and performance properties including an excellent chemical resistance coupled with high mechanical properties, resistant to amine blush and high gloss. The perfectly cured mass will exhibit resistance to strong acid, alkali and various solvents.

Epoxy types vary widely, and specifiers need to note such attributes as nozzle time, gel time, load time, sag, cure time, and chemical resistance-each property will affect what makes the product ideal for the intended application.

When searching for the proper epoxy to specify, it is important to note there are three general classes of epoxy—pure epoxy, polyester resins, and epoxy acrylates-that break out in different ways with respect to properties and performance.

On their own, epoxy resins are very stable fluids with relatively long shelf lives. It is only when mixed with an epoxy hardener that they can cure properly. If applied onto a floor without the hardener, the resin would remain a near liquid indefinitely and could not transform into a durable flooring system.

Together we grow is the philosophy of our trading division. Looking at the high market demand for Epoxy Resins & Hardeners across India, Our team imports Epoxy Resins & Hardeners from countries like USA, Europe, South Korea, Thailand and China. We will serve bulk orders based on the application and the type of epoxy resin/hardener required as per customer specifications.

Product Epoxy Resin Epoxy Hardeners
Appearance Clear/Whitish Yellowish
Pack Type Plastic/Steel Drums Plastic/Steel Drums
Pack Size 235 Kg 190 Kg
Physical State High Viscous Liquid Viscous Liquid
Usage Industrial Industrial
Mix Ratio As per TDS As per TDS

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

It depends on lifetime / Life of tile

24hrs for usage & 72hrs for testing.

Running colors are 5, On card 25 shades and on any color can be made provided the requirement in bulk quantity.