Repair and bonding is the process of improving an existing structure for new conditions of use. It aims at restoring the structure to the original service level it once had and has now lost. In some cases, this consists of giving the structure the service level which was intended, but could not be attained because of deficiencies in the original design and or construction. The success of repair activity depends on the identification of the root cause of the deterioration of the concrete structures. If this cause is properly identified, satisfactory repairs can be done for the improvement of strength and durability, thus extending the life of the structure, is not difficult to achieve.


Instant PLUG is a fast setting, hydraulic cement based compound that expands on setting and instantly stops running water or seepage through masonry surfaces. Instant PLUG includes “Crystalline” technology, creating a permanently active waterproofing treatment.

  • Seals leaks.
  • Withstands hydrostatic pressure
  • Non – shrink.
  • Rapid setting.
  • Works under water.
  • Suitable for concrete, brick, stone and clay pipes.
  • Crystalline technology built in.
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