Ready-Mix Plaster is manufactured in modern dry mix plant with computerised batch process. Plaster is ready to use by just mixing water at site. This process eliminates job-site mixing practices. Hence it gives consistent quality with required sand mesh sizes in exact proportion which is most important for compactness of plaster. Further to have desired workability, less rebounding losses, required slump properties and overall durability, polymers are added in BuildWell Ready-Mix Plaster. What is plastering? Plastering is the process of covering rough surface of wall, column, ceiling and other parts of the building with thin coat of mortars to form a smooth, hard and durable surface capable of protecting external surface against penetration of rain water and other atmospheric vagaries. A good plaster needs to have strong adhesion on wall and ceiling with excellent water resistant, crack free and work ability properties that will protect the interior, provide flat base for painting, minimise the inconvenience of maintenance and speed up the construction. Therefore, in many ways, Plastering is as critical as structural members, brickwork, flooring, etc.,


Ready plaster is used for smooth wall surface finishing. It is ready to use by simply mixing water at the site and can be easily applied on brick, block, and concrete surfaces. It has high compactness and inherent strength ensuring reduction in repair and maintenance costs, while also enhancing the life of the paint.

  • Used in place of traditional plastering
  • Reduced water absorption hence enhanced durability
  • Uniform and smooth finish & Consistent quality made
  • Quality plastering since it does & Convenient to apply
  • No Wastage & Reduce Construction Costing
  • Very minimal curing required & Faster completion of work
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