Admixtures are used to modify the properties of concrete or mortar to make them more suitable to work by hand or for other purposes such as saving mechanical energy. Admixtures have been dispensed in liquid form to ensure proper dispersion in the concrete mixture. There are many ways of treating concrete floors once they have been placed. This depends on the performance which is required for the designated client. This could be polished concrete, an epoxy coating, a resin, or just even sealed. Such treatment has a positive effect on the floor’s functionality and other similarly important issues.


CURE BOND WB is a white, low viscosity wax emulsion which incorporates a special alkali reactive emulsion breaking system. This system ensures that the emulsion breaks down to form a non penetrating continuous film immediately upon contact with a cementitious surface. This impervious film prevents excessive water evaporation which in turn permits more efficient cement hydration, thus reducing shrinkage and increasing durability. Once formed, the membrane will remain on the concrete surface until eventually broken down and eroded by natural weathering. Where it is required to apply a further treatment to such concrete surface, it may be necessary to remove the membrane remaining after curing by wire brushing or other mechanical means.

  • Single application – Forms moisture barrier for whole of the curing period
  • No other curing necessary – Eliminates use of water hessian or sand completely
  • Reliable – No risk of erratic or poor curing and ensure that cement hydrates efficiently
  • Ensure hard wearing surface – Minimizes risk of drying shrinkage, crack and dusty surface
  • Easy and safe spray application – Nontoxic and non-flammable
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