V-BOND-AAC BLOCK JOINTING MORTAR is a ready to mix and use, self-curing cementitious mortar for laying of AAC, CLC bricks, hollow concrete blocks and bricks. It’s a factory-made dry mixed mortar blended with carefully selected raw materials such as graded sand, mineral binders and ordinary Portland cement (OPC) in combination with selected polymeric additives which help in providing mechanical bond and adhesion between block and block to a surface. Designed for use with water to produce high strength thixotropic mortar that meet and exceed the requirements of National and International Standards.


Designed for internal floor & wall applications


  • High Strength
  • Self Curing, Impact resistant &vibration resistant
  • Flexible & Improved Workability
  • Long working time
  • Construction Accuracy
  • Fast Construction and Higher Productivity
  • Withstand Hammering and Chiseling
  • Improved adhesion between two blocks
  • Economical

Suitable For

  • Highly Suitable to AAC Blocks
  • Cement mortar blocks & bricks
  • Concrete hollow blocks
  • Fly ash made bricks

Technical Data

Appearance Grey, Coarse and free flowing Material
Application Thickness 3 – 4 mm
Pot Life 3-4 hrs
Time for Hard Dry 24 Hrs
Curing Not required
Compressive Strength > 5.0 MPa(ASTM C 1660)
Split Tensile Adhesion Strength > 0.34 MPa(ASTM C 1660)
Coverage 160 – 180 sft. / 50 kg @ 3 – 4 mm thickness for 100 blocks Vary on Surface and absorption of blocks


50 Kg Bag

Shelf Life

Factory sealed bag of this product is guaranteed for first quality for 6 Months * if stored up in dry area.


It is a block jointing mortar for the internal and external wall of AAC blocks, CLC blocks, hollow concrete blocks, and bricks.